Cryptocurrencies are Safe and They Are Here To Stay! The Transfer Of Wealth That is Going To Occur From The Central Banking Fiat Currency Scam To Cryptos and Precious Metals, is Going To Shake The Earth's Core! This is an Opportunity For The Common Man To Crush The Globalists and Accumulate Astronomical Wealth Overnight!

Whether or not you’re familiar with digital currency or not, the fact remains, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin, and roughly 4000+ alt-coins already trading in the Crypto market are here to stay. A massive transfer of wealth will occur the moment it is obvious the fiat currency central banking ponzi scheme has breathed its last breath of life and is about to set the world free from the permanent enslavement of a\\\\\\\\\\ They should only use “decentralized.”  There are two directions this new world of digital currency can go.  One is evil (centralized, aka enslavement) and the other is good (decentralized, true freedom and sovereignty.)  The central banking Luciferian sociopaths are furious and doing everything in their power to stop U.S. citizens, especially New Yorkers, from purchasing cryptos. We are much smarter than them though, and whether or not they say something is illegal, we will not comply with their totalitarian demands and Luciferian laws. They do not have any power over us. They are self-appointed tyrannical oligarchs who really do call us vulgar useless eaters while they plan our murders. The only thing the Noahide laws will ever be used for is to hang them by their balls and witches’ tits.  We are almost free people. Let’s keep it that way. Don’t forget what 260 years of complacency did to us. Note: They are attempting to bring lockdowns and masks back.  Do not fall for it.  You know what to do. Just Do it!  The best weapon we have against these globalists and their depopulation agenda is to purchase cryptos from a decentralized exchanged and for the love of God, DO NOT GET VACCINATED!  It is the Mark of the Beast!

Just imagine how adding massive wealth to an already astronomical market cap approaching the trillions is going to make prices rise when trillions of dollars literally pour into the Crypto market? You want to be in position before this happens.

As more and more people take their paper money out of the stock market and banks and begin investing in the Crypto market, it’s becoming more and more apparent that any day there could be a massive transfer of wealth from the stock market into the Crypto market that will go down in history as the greatest event of our lifetime. The world will talk about this day hundreds of years from now since it has the potential to affect so many lives.

It will not be a subtle transition, IMO. It is going to happen quickly and those who were already invested in Cryptos stand to do extremely well, as in going from the poverty level to “MEGA RICH” literally overnight, and it won’t take much of an investment to do this. This has already happened to countless crypto billionaires.  33rd Degree Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons are furious, because they are losing power and will soon be going to prison. 

What’s great about Cryptos is you can start with as little as $20 and the next day, or within minutes, notice it’s worth $75, and that money is LIQUID GOLD, meaning no waiting five days or so to put your profits in your pocket like the stock market. Yes, the Crypto market is a lot like gambling because the profits are made immediately but unlike Gambling, a little Crypto training goes a long way and it’s so easy that a 12-year-old could do it. It wouldn’t surprise me to know that Cryptos have already made many 12-year-olds multi-millionaires, in their parent’s names of course, or not. That’s freedom, and it’s only going to get better!

The Ledger Nano S Crypto Wallet

Many people have already made huge fortunes in the crypto market simply by observing the current crypto market cycles that go up and down regularly, leaving plenty of volatility for traders to make huge profits as a result of these standard cyclical movements. Do not be afraid of volatility. Welcome it!

Many highly reputable and stable alt-coins are also trading for just fractions of a dollar making it possible for people to make astronomical fortunes. This is seriously like a modern-day GOLD RUSH!

There are several reputable decentralized exchanges mentioned on this website to buy cryptos. To learn about the most active coins currently trading and to get an idea of some coins you might consider trusting your money with you need to take the first step and sign up with Changelly here. It’s ok to sign up for multiple exchanges and to have several wallets.  However, if you’re going to buy a lot of cryptos I strongly recommend that you purchase a hardware wallet and we recommend the New Ledger Hardware Crypto Wallet. You have the internet to learn about any coin you invest in.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how far $100 goes.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and surprisingly there are many who just won’t put their trust into digital currency until it is forced upon them. Then they will regret they never established themselves in the Crypto market sooner, including myself. I saw Bitcoin when it was trading for $.008 and even at such an insignificant price, I didn’t purchase any, which has turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

There is plenty of good value in other new and well-established cryptos and it’s unlikely there will ever be one coin that is used for the entire world, which is what the globalists are striving for, but what they say doesn’t matter because they are all going to prison. Fortunately, they are a dying breed and globalization is not what free and sovereign men and women want or need.  A centralized cryptocurrency market would be detrimental for the entire world. Please do your part and help keep it decentralized. 

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